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The IGNITE Blueprint

The IGNITE Blueprint

Are you looking for an intensive growth strategy?

Have you started your business, but struggling for direction and finding it hard to get your first customer?

Are you getting a few sales, here and there, but money is tight and you need to improve your cashflow?

Or do you have consistent revenue, but you now want to ramp it up?

Finding you way out of these problems is hard, if not impossible, without a predictable strategy that enables you to sell more products and services to grow your business.

Well, The Ignite Program is for you…

The IGNITE Program is an intensive growth strategy to help you to grow your business to 6-figures and beyond.

The IGNITE Program helps frustrated business owners who have hit a roadblock to create a predictable strategy to grow their business so that they can live their dream life!

If you still haven’t found a way to live life on your terms; be that enjoy luxury holidays, own a nice sports car, buy that dream home, or live a life staying at the best hotels around the world, then I’ve got news for you…

The IGNITE Program can help you to build a scalable, sustainable and predictable business by optimizing your strategy.

When you start to live a life of abundance you’ll achieve a sense of fulfilment like you’ve never felt before.

And abundance creates freedom, freedom allows for fulfilment, fulfilment allows you to create impact and this impact will create a legacy that you will be proud of when you take your last breath.

Having designed, implemented and delivered strategies for some of the largest global brands on the planet and successful businesses for over 30 years, what I’ve discovered is that business success boils down to how any company executes five core elements in their business.

I call these elements The Pillars of Success and they are Attract, Engage, Delight, Process and Fund and they are crucial if you want to grow your business.

So what are these five elements and how do they work?

Well, let me explain what each of them are:

  1. Attract – How you attract new leads
  2. Engage – How you engage your prospects
  3. Delight – How you support your customers
  4. Process – How you manage your operations and your people
  5. Fund – Finance and how you monitor and report your performance

In short, if you can:

  • Automate how you attract your ideal customers and generate a steady flow of people wanting your product and service,
  • Create a system to take leads through your sales process, converting them into customers and maximising revenue along the way,
  • Streamline your business so that you can seamlessly deliver your products and services in the most efficient and cost effective way possible,
  • Provide support to your customers if they have any problems, whilst having the right mix of people with the right skills,
  • Manage your finances and monitor the business using both financial and non-financial metrics (KPI’s) to drive and improve performance,

Then you’ll have all the ingredients necessary to build a scalable, sustainable and predictable business that can grow to 6-figures and beyond!

The beauty of this strategy is that you don’t need to change all at once, you don’t even need to invest millions and you certainly don’t have to risk it all to do so.

Chances are you’re already good at two or three of them and implementing the remaining elements from The IGNITE Program will help you make the break-through and achieve the business growth that you desire.

It’s a process of identifying the highest impact activity in your business and addressing that first.

I know people who’ve applied these principles and now make 7-figures working from home!

These five core elements are called The Pillars Of Success and you can pick up a free 23-page guide called The IGNITE Blueprint where I include case studies and I demonstrate some of the results.

So, doo you want to grow your business?

Would a proven strategy help you?

How about a free guide, could this help?

To learn more, download your FREE copy of The IGNITE Blueprint where you will learn this strategy and many tactics to grow your business to 6-figures and beyond!

My name is Andrew McBarnett FCMA CGMA and I am a Business Management Consultant and a #1 international bestselling author.

I have used the tactics from The IGNITE Program in Vodafone, in Panasonic, in my own start-up to grow it from zero to £3m in 5 years and with many other small business owners and I have produced amazing results in them all.

If you want to achieve similar results in your business then download your FREE copy of The IGNITE Blueprint and get started TODAY!

Do You Need IGNITE?

How Good Is Your Business?



“I Would Not Hesitate To Recommend!

Mark Jennings – Chief Operating Officer – Panasonic – Read more success stories…

Mark Jennings – Chief Operating Officer

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

 “I was able to rely on Andrew’s input and business acumen that allowed us to win a number of high profile contracts totalling hundreds of millions of dollars.  His professionalism and business focus made him invaluable"

Paul Vogel – CEO Accountancy Division

Iris Software Group Limited

“Andrew’s depth of understanding totally transformed the way we look at the business"

Fay Branch – Chief Executive

Zoo People Limited

“The input of an unbiased individual at our monthly board meeting was invaluable and assisted us make the correct strategic decisions for the business

Karl Crossman – Managing Director

FDM Broardband/IQ Network Limited

Andrew helped with the formation, registrations, systems, processes and the negotiation [with a major UK plc].  A truly worthwhile relationship and service

John Palmer – Senior Director of Finance

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

 Andrew supported me by conceptualizing the corporate [global] vision into a detailed structured plan, executed it at the regional level and delivered this vision into the management processes within Panasonic"

Doug Stephen – Managing Director/Chairman

MaxTag (UK) Limited

As a skilled and conscientious Company Director, Andrew became a vital influence in the progress of MaxTag as an unknown start-up in 1997 to its present position as a prominent provider of security systems to the British retail industry with a revenue of £3 million in 2002 and a net return in excess of 10%

Sarah Sanders

“Thank you for following up… Hannah is doing really well thank you, she’s taken on board all your strategies and amazingly has been achieving A’s & B’s so a tremendous turnaround."

“Hannah did really well and got her first choice [university] Coventry, so we’re all tickled pink – so proud of her and thank you for all your advice – I’ve been using mind maps too for my revision and passed my exams, so your magic worked with me too!"


Budget Managed For Vodafone & Panasonic


Liquidity (Cash) Improvement

£0 - £3M

Start-Up Revenue Growth Over 5 Years


Revenue Generated In 60 Days


Grow Your Business
Optimize Your Strategy

A strategy is at the heart of every successful business.  My strength is in taking your vision, understanding your value chain and value drivers & designing an executable & sustainable plan.

We’re Changing Consultancy
Tailored Practical Support

Our engagement and knowledge sharing will ensure your success. You will receive an implementation plan & financial forecast. Your investment will deliver a solid ROI.

Delivering Results
Proven Track Record

A #1 international bestselling author, Fellow Chartered Management Accountant and world-class business professional with a proven 30-year track record of successfully delivering results.

Implement A Proven Strategy

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Andrew McBarnett FCMA CGMA is a Business Management Consultant with a proven 30-year history of successfully delivering strategic solutions to business issues across a broad breadth of organisations and market sectors.  He is a decisive and analytical leader with exceptional planning and organisational skills. Andrew is the author of the book 50 Ways To Increase Your Sales Today which became an #1 Amazon international bestseller in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany and Australia. He is a fully qualified Fellow Chartered Management Accountant who started his entrepreneurial career having both co-founded and co-funded a company called MaxTag (UK) Limited.  This business, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2017, grew to achieve a turnover of £3M within 5 years.  MaxTag’s success was featured on the cover of the Security Surveyor magazine. Andrew is Chairman and CEO of AMB Associates Limited.  He is qualified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Sports Psychology has spent over 20 years successfully coaching companies and individuals to achieve their goals. As a Business Angel Investor and Consultant, Andrew has invested, led, transformed and sold a broad breadth of organizations in a variety of different market sectors. During this period, Andrew was invited to appear on the BBC’s second series of Dragons’ Den, but had to decline as the business had since been sold to a major UK plc. Andrew has also worked with some of the world’s best known blue-chip multinationals such as Abbott Inc where he was part of a team that launched Clarithromycin, regarded as the most successful UK antibiotic launch of all time. Whilst at Panasonic he was responsible for a global budget worth $1BN. In the European Region he increased program profitability by 6% (FY05 gross margin 53.7% versus FY08 of 60.0%).  Andrew also achieved annual energy savings of 16% at Panasonic which was featured in the Institute of Directors publication IoD News. During his time with Vodafone, he was awarded the Vodafone Global Enterprise Excellence Award for driving £29M worth of sales in 60 days. He was part of the team that acquired Cable & Wireless Worldwide for £1.04BN and his leadership returned 2/3rd’s of that business (worth £700M) back to growth by adding a 5.3% increase to revenue within its first year. This was coming after leading the integration into Vodafone and delivering synergies of £140M over three years versus the target of £98M. Andrew developed two 10-year business cases and implementation plans for Vodafone’s expansion into Africa and the expansion of Vodafone’s fixed and mobile network into the US market as part of their current growth strategy called Project Spring. Andrew has recently launched a Home-Business University to bring entrepreneurship and charitable giving together where a portion of all income goes towards building a school in Africa. In addition to his charity work, Andrew has also written various articles published in the Better Business Magazine, The BOSS magazine, for ASE (The Association of Student Entrepreneurs) and for The Black Commerce Network in the US. More recently, he was interviewed by Financial Management magazine for an article on building a coaching culture. He has also held both NED and pro-bono positions such as Treasurer for DrugFAM, Branch Treasurer for the IoD and Accountant for BAPEN (The British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition).  Having studied these companies and contributed to their incredible growth, Andrew has discovered that business success boils down to having a strategy to grow your business and how a company executes five core elements within their business.  He calls these the Pillars of Success and they are Attract, Engage, Delight, Process and Fund and they are crucial if you want to grow your business. To learn more, download your FREE copy of The IGNITE Blueprint where you will learn these tactics, join our free Facebook group, or book an introductory call to see if he can help you.



Thank You For Helping Make An Impact on Global Education

I am passionate about inspiring people to realise their true potential and my mission is to improve the lives of 1,000,000 people. Last year I launched an Online University to combine entrepreneurship with charitable giving and I donate 10% of all sales proceeds to Pencils of Promise where I plan to build a school in Africa.

Andrew McBarnett FCMA CGMA
250 Million Children Can't Read!

250 Million Children Can't Read!